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SFV OG Cannabis Strain Delivery in Los Angeles


The SFV OG cannabis strain is a hybrid that is known for its incredibly strong pain relieving abilities, and also for keeping consumers focused on the task at hand, which is ideal if you have tasks to do and need to stay in the right frame of mind. The strain features smaller flowers and has a bit of a pine, lemon, and earthy smell that is pungent and sweet.

Due to the overwhelming tastes of lemon and pine, this strain is perfect for a vaporizer, as it can be a little overwhelming if smoked. The strain can take just a tad bit longer to feel than other strains but definitely makes up for it in pain relieving properties.

Positive Effects: Most users who have tried the SFV OG cannabis strain and recorded positive effects have noted such effects as an increased amount of happiness, relaxation, and the ability to help them be more focused. An uplifting mood boost and euphoria have also been noted.

Flavor: The SFV OG cannabis strain features a flavor that includes pine, lemon, and a bit of earthiness. The flavor can be a little bitter if smoked directly, so it is perfect for a vaporizer.

Medical Uses: The SVG OF cannabis strain is perfect for chronic pain relief, such as back pain and nerve pain. This strain is often used to treat migraine headaches, as well, due to its strong pain relieving properties. Depression and insomnia are also conditions that can be treated with this strain. The relaxing nature of the strain also makes it great for stress relief.

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