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Brace yourself for the refreshing essence of a summer drink in a hazy medium – weed. Pink Lemonade is a triple cross between Purple Kush, Lemon Skunk and an unknown strain that gives it that hint of mystery we all crave. This beautiful strain has layers upon layers of trichomes strewn atop a deep forest of bud, pistils that disguise themselves as a third-place trophy, but smoke on the first place pedestal, giving this unsuspecting bud a triple threat of darkness, smell, and excellent feel.

 As a sativa-dominant hybrid, Pink Lemonade is a perfect summertime strain, leaving you with energy for the long days and a relaxing body high fit for summer. Often described as hazy and functional, Pink Lemonade gives you an energetic boost and focus, yet fills you with wonder that may cause you to be easily distracted at times. Following the initial blast of energy, a warm body high sets in. Overall, Pink Lemonade will leave you uplifted and refreshed for whatever summer has to offer. Be warned, since this strain is sativa-dominant, consuming a large quantity throughout the day will leave users paranoid.

 The second best part about smoking is the senses stimulated. The smell is sweet and sour, only a small hint to the flavors you’re about to enjoy. The first drink – I mean hit – you’ll be greeted with the pleasant sweetness of sugary fruit that is perfectly complemented by a minty tea flavoring.

Sweet, sugary Fruity, mint tea, similar to a sweet and sour lemon candy. The exhale is where Pink Lemonade really shines, leaving you with an aftertaste of lemons and grapefruit.

 Medicinal Qualities: Pink Lemonade isn’t only a cure for your sweet tooth, instead use it to treat ailments such as chronic stress, depression, and light headaches.

Recommended Activities: The focus and creativity that is lent to this strain thanks to its sativa-side mean repetition is your friend. Working on projects and hobbies that require focus, but can also be broken up by random spouts of distractions is ideal.

Music Recommendation:

Artist– James Bay

Song– Pink Lemonade

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