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Just in time for summer is a refreshing strain to tickle the senses and tantalize the taste buds. Already a popular sweet summer treat, Orange Cream is a favorite among new smokers and those with THC (or sugar) running through their veins. This cross between the beautiful and pleasantly tasty Orange Crush and Ice Cream strains, leaves Orange Cream with the best characteristics and flavors from each. Green leaves cover the already forest green nugs, dipped in cream-colored trichomes and sprinkled with orange, twisting hairs, that are lent to the visual portion of its namesake.

Orange Cream is a heavy hitting hybrid strain, carrying a 70:30 indica-dominant ratio, that allows the indica to shine. You will first notice the effects in your eyes, as they begin to feel heavy and hard to keep open, which then spreads like a wildfire throughout the rest of your body. Orange Cream will make you feel relaxed and tingly as the body buzz lifts your troubles and weighs you down with good vibes. As with most indicas, you will your aches and pains will lift as your appetite rises.

The moment you’ve all been reading for – the aromas and tastes. When breaking up Orange Creams nugs, you’ll smell a citrus-like dankness as resin sticks to your fingers. Once your mouth is drooling over the smell, you will take a hypnotic hit that is tastes of orange citrus and sweet/sugary fruit cocktails. Exhale is going to bring a mellow balance to the citrus and will taste of cream and slightly earthy. No matter how you consume Orange Cream, you will be sure to note the exotic taste.

Pro tip: throw a few cubes of ice in the neck of your bong, bubbler or another type of water pipe, or use ice cold water if you don’t have access to ice cubes, for an extra cool and refreshing summer smoke that will amplify the flavors and make the smoke even more smooth.

Medicinal Qualities: Although Orange Cream smells and tastes of a sweet snack, it will not be a cure for your appetite, it will give you one! It is also helpful when treating body/stomach pain and sleeplessness when consumed in heavy amounts.

Recommended Activities: A relaxing night in after a long day of work is recommended. Use Orange Cream as a pre-dinner dessert for a meal you won’t be able to get enough of.

Music Recommendation:

Artist– DJ Shadow

Song– Orange Cream (the last 1:30 is where it kicks in. Great song to pack a bowl too)

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