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Here is the hottest strain to get super-duper high. As the mildly indica-dominant hybrid, The Orange Cookies high is characterized by a euphoric cerebral buzz that starts behind the eyes and in the forehead before quickly spreading throughout the body.

The scent is tart and sweet. Orange Cookies is packed is flavor, thanks to the delicious parent strains, Orange Juice and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). it provides a warm, tingly experience, primarily marked by a sense of happiness and relaxation, and doesn’t tend to make consumers paranoid or lazy. The exhale is just as smooth, leaving a satisfying taste of a mix between caramelized citrus and a slightly overcooked orange cobbler, on your lips.

Wide smiles and goofy laughs are sure to be shared throughout the long lasting high. The calming body buzz paired perfectly with the euphoria experienced from senses that seemed to be more sensitive to my experiences. This is one of my favorite strains, morning, night, or evening-especially for camping.

Medicinal Qualities: If you are a sufferer of chronic stress and depression, Orange Cookies is sure to soothe symptoms while bringing a smile to your face.

Recommended Activities: Thanks to the mellow cerebral buzz and mellow body high, this strain is perfect for social gatherings. The Orange Cookies strain is highly recommended packing a fat bowl, enough for friends, and passing it around the circle, preferably around a campfire.

Music Recommendation:

Artist– R.E.M.

Song– Orange Crush

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