High Hemp Organic CBD Wraps

//High Hemp Organic CBD Wraps

High Hemp Organic CBD Wraps



High Hemp Organic CBD Wraps Delivery in Los Angeles

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High Hemp Organic CBD Wraps

The worlds first CBD organic hemp base wrap has arrived, made from organic CBD which contains zero additives, no tobacco, no nicotine and 100% chemical free! High Hemps have introduced their High Hemp Organic CBD Wrap which is available in a resealable wrap pouch which is completely airtight, ensuring each pack keeps in the full freshness in the pack. What does organic CBD taste like? “Our proprietary formula gives the wrap it’s earthly aroma and durability, igniting an all natural herbal experience” which you would expect as the organic hemp has been cultivated in the Netherlands. Each packet contains two CBD wraps and you can buy a full box of High Hemp organic CBD wraps direct from us. If you are looking for a great alternative to smoking the traditional tobacco blunt wraps, look no further!

Always Smoke Naturally with CBD Wraps.

We Sell Only Genuine High Hemp Organic CBD Wraps.

  • High Hemp Organic CBD Wraps
  • Made From Organic CBD
  • Smooth Taste
  • 100% No Additives
  • 100% Organic Hemp Base
  • Tobacco FREE
  • Nicotine FREE
  • Chemical FREE
  • Packaged For Full Freshness
  • 2 CBD Wraps Per Pack

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