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Green Crack Cannabis Strain Delivery in Los Angeles

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Introducing KushFly grown, Private Reserve Green Crack – a scary name for a scary good Sativa. A descendant from Skunk #1, this heavy duty Sativa strain is meant for serious smokers only. This potent Sativa will entangle your senses in a sweet and tangy scent, with a taste to match. With larger buds that are indeed quite green, these dense nugs are decorated with orange hairs and sparkling crystal resin. Not only is it pretty to look at it, it’s a delicious smoke – with tangy, fruity flavors redolent of mango, you’ll crave another hit before you even finish the first.

Indoor grown and lab tested at 23.77% THC level, few strains can compare to Green Crack’s invigorating mental stimulation. Almost euphoric, yet calming, this is best for patients looking for a strain that will help them get through the day and should be used by those battling depression or high levels of stress. Patients can expect to feel a creative burst of energy coupled with a focused mind and overall happy attitude. But don’t take our word for it, here’s one of our favorite reviews from YOU, the patient:

“Woke me up! After the first few hits of this dark tangled messy, but beautiful bud, fruity smells while, grass, lime, pungent musky taste it leaves behind. The happy euphoric effects get my heart pumping. Great for motivation if you’re depressed or feeling sad/ lonely – quick fix for anyone doubting themselves. Awesome confidence feeling, over all a great way to start off the morning feeling like a badass. With a big bowl of happiness, delight and everything bright.”

So pack your bowls, sit back, and let us soothe you with a hit of our Private Reserve Green Crack.

THC: 23.77%

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