Candyland (Private Reserve)

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Candyland (Private Reserve)



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Candyland Cannabis Strain Delivery in Los Angeles


Candyland isn’t only a fun-filled board game, it’s a highly-potent, Kushfly grown exclusive! The resinous sativa-dominant hybrid will have you feeling like a kid again thanks to the sugary trichome-coated mint green buds weaved with gold hairs.

The original strain won a variety of old medals at 2012 KushCon thanks to its robust flavors passed on from its parent strains, Granddaddy Purple and Platinum Cookies. Candyland will take you to a magical land of happiness and childlike wonder. That’s not the only stop on this train to the inner peace, as you depart for a stop full of uplifting moods where sour attitudes aren’t allowed. The final stop is a cerebral party that makes you want to send all your friends a “Wish You Were Here” card, straight from Candyland.

Candyland is a sweet treat, smelling of berries and candy, with a lingering scent of vanilla upon inhale. The exhale is smooth and creamy, leaving an earthy aftertaste like that of a spiced chai latte. Upon consumption, you’ll notice the ashy resin left on your fingertips. Treat it like sprinkles on a cupcake and add a generous topping to your next bowl for a particularly dazzling experience.

As impossible as it may seem, Kushfly’s personal grow improved on the original strain! By meticulously growing this already outofthisworld strain indoors, away from contaminants and weed-hungry insects, the average THC content went up, containing up to a whopping 29 percent!

Medicinal Qualities: Candyland is known to relieve muscle tension, achy bones, and moderate pain. When consumed in moderation, it also alleviates social anxiety!

Recommended Activities: As with most sativas, Candyland is best enjoyed during group activities, such as playing board games (I recommend Candyland), hiking or thought-provoking conversation. If you prefer to enjoy your high alone, this strain boosts the creative process, leaving you at peak focus and will have you burning the midnight oil.

Music Recommendation:

Artist– Tucka King of Swing

Song– Candyland

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