A vaporizer is a gadget used for extracting vapor from a substance through indirect heating without burning the substance.

It is mainly used by smokers to reduce the harmful effects of smoking. The concept of vaporizers has been known to man for a long period but it is only as recently as 15 years ago when the production of vaporizers picked up. Vaporizers are used for a variety of functions such as smoking for leisure, medical functions and also for aromatherapy. There are many designs of vaporizers being introduced to the market on a daily basis. However, they all consist of two basic parts, a heater system and the vapor delivery system. The heating of the vaporizer is done in any one of three ways.

  • The convection heating system is the most common system in vaporizers. It works by passing heated air through the substance to be vaporized. It is preferred because it is able to heat the substance evenly.
  • Conduction vaporizing is another method where the substance is placed in a container that is heated directly. Although an old system some modern vaporizers are designed to be used for this system.
  • Radiation vaporizers are rare and not usually produced for the mass market. They work by transferring heat generated from electromagnetic waves.